Statewide Effectiveness

From the 2017 Tennessee Teacher Preparation Report Card
Published by the TN State Board of Education

Excellence in Student Growth

Of 39 teacher preparation programs in the state, Memphis Teacher Residency has earned the highest performance category possible on the teacher preparation report card (4) and has among the highest percentage of graduates meeting (3 or higher) and exceeding (4 or higher) TVAAS student growth averages on the five-level TVAAS rating scale. 

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Meeting Growth Standards

MTR recent graduates, % TVAAS level 3 or higher 0
Statewide recent graduates, % TVAAS level 3 or higher 0

Exceeding Growth Standards

MTR recent graduates, % TVAAS level 4 or higher 0
Statewide recent graduates, % TVAAS level 4 or higher 0

One of Seven Top Tier Programs

Out of 39 teacher preparation programs in the state, Memphis Teacher Residency is one of seven in the top overall performance category (4) calculated across graduate profile, placement & retention rates, observation scores and effectiveness. Our university partner, Union University, is also among these seven programs.

District-level Effectiveness

From the 2017 Research Brief on MTR
by Shelby County Schools

“Succeeding at its primary mission”

“The analyses presented here show that in 2016–17, MTR teachers in their first three years of SCS teaching outperformed their non-MTR counterparts by significant margins on four very different measures of teaching effectiveness: student growth on achievement tests, observation of practice, professionalism, and student perceptions. This provides robust evidence that MTR is succeeding at its primary mission: to provide Memphis high-need schools with effective teachers.

Student Growth

In First 3 Years of Teaching

Evaluation Scores

In First 3 Years of Teaching

Earning Licensure

Consistent Performance on edTPA

edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment used by teacher preparation programs throughout the United States to emphasize, measure and support the skills and knowledge that all teachers need from Day 1 in the classroom. Tennessee requires a passing edTPA score in order to earn initial teacher licensure, and MTR residents had a significantly higher edTPA average than the national average. 100% of residents taking edTPA so far have passed on their first submission.


Average edTPA Score, Class of 2018
(All residents complete a 15-rubric assessment for which the TN passing score is 39 and soon will be 42. The national average is 44.)

Graduate Preparedness

From the 2015 Priority School Teacher Survey
Published by Teach901

Highly Rated By Graduates

In a survey conducted by Teach901, over 1,200 teachers in Memphis priority schools were asked about perceived effectiveness of their teacher preparation programs. 436 respondents answered the question, “How effective was your teacher preparation program in developing the skills you needed to become an effective teacher?” The Memphis Teacher Residency had the highest effectiveness rating of all the teacher preparation programs represented.


Average Rating of MTR From Grads Surveyed
(on a five point scale)


Residents Graduating in Good Standing

(Classes of 2010-2018)

Graduates Completing 3-Year Teaching Commitment

(Classes of 2010-2015)

8.2 yrs.
Median Graduate Career in Memphis High-Need Education

Serving in a teacher, school leader or other K-12 role.

This compares favorably to published retention rates of new teachers in Memphis:

“Twenty percent of new teachers leave [the district] after their first year, and more than 40% leave within three years. This three-year teacher attrition rate is particularly high for middle and high schools (42% and 52% respectively).”
Source: Memphis City Schools Teacher Effectiveness Proposal submitted July 31, 2009

Over 90% of MTR graduates complete their 3-year commitment where historically less than 60% of district hires teach for at least three years. Ultimately, principals who hire MTR graduates are significantly less likely to need to rehire that same position over the next several years. With a median career in Memphis education of 8.2 years, over 50% of graduates are still working in Memphis high-need classrooms and leadership positions in their 8th year after graduation.

Resident Demographics and Placement (2010 - Present)


  • Asian

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Multiracial

  • African American

  • White

  • Other


  • Male

  • Female

Undergrad GPA Average


Graduate Placement Rate


Growth of MTR

Number of Residents and Graduates Serving in Memphis by School Year

MTR Camp Results, Summer 2018

Reduce summer
learning regression

+1.7 mo.

average months of growth in Reading A-Z level


average growth in sight words recognized

Promote a love
for learning


of campers believed they were learning at MTR Camp


of campers want to come back to camp next year

Expose college students to mission of equal education


of 2018 camp interns had more clarified career plans after internship


of last two residency classes are previous camp interns

“MTR is the first place I look when I have teaching positions open.”
-Principal, Shelby County Schools