Statewide Effectiveness

From the 2019-2022 Tennessee Teacher Preparation Report Cards
Published by the TN State Board of Education


Exceeds Expectations

Earning 85% of Points Possible


Exceeds Expectations

Licensure & Exam Passage Rates


Exceeds Expectations

Observation Scores & Student Growth


Exceeds Expectations

Placement & Retention Rates


Meets Expectations

Demographics & High-Need Subject Areas

† Overall and Impact Ratings were not calculated from 2020-2022 due to COVID-related test cancellations and TVAAS hold-harmless decisions. These are the 2019 ratings.

Consistent Results

Out of 42 teacher preparation programs in the state with complete results, Memphis Teacher Residency has been among the top two programs on the report card for each of the last five years, as measured by points earned.

Most Satisfied, Well-Prepared Graduates

This report also includes survey data from graduates around the central question of preparedness for the classroom after graduation. In each of the last three reports, MTR graduates were the most likely to strongly agree that their teacher preparation program prepared them well overall: 83% felt well prepared vs. a state average of 33%.

District-level Effectiveness

From the 2021-22 Research Brief on MTR
by Memphis-Shelby County Schools

“Dependably achieving its primary mission:

… effective teachers.”

“The analyses presented here show that in 2021–22, MTR teachers at two different career stages (1– 3 and 4–12 years of MSCS teaching experience) outperformed their non-MTR counterparts on half the measures analyzed and performed on par with their non-MTR peers on the other half of the measures. These findings are generally consistent with those of the previous eight MTR evaluations, which showed that MTR teachers have tended to outperform their peers (and never to underperform them). Taken as a whole, the empirical record on MTR’s program effectiveness indicates that MTR has been dependably achieving its primary mission since its establishment over a decade ago: that is, to provide Memphis high-need schools with effective teachers.”

While there is significant variation in student growth among MTR-trained new teachers and similar variation among other new teachers, the student growth (TVAAS) average across all new MTR-trained teachers has generally been 1/2 standard deviations higher than the average for other SCS new hires. This difference was statistically significant in three of the last four analyses, and is furthermore also significant in terms of students’ lifetime outcomes.

Prior Year Reports

Consistently Preparing Teachers for Partner Schools

Our recent Memphis-Shelby County Schools evaluation went into detail summarizing past reports and showing consistent results in providing partner schools with effective new teachers. These results are shown here alongside results from the TN Teacher Preparation Report Card over the same time period. The report card has changed its metrics and methodology multiple times over these years, yet our program is consistently identified as being among the most effective programs in the state.

Student Growth During Residency Year

From a 2019 Research Study on Ancillary Benefits of Residency Programs
Research funded by Overdeck Family Foundation
(MTR results published under pseudonym)

Resident Impact on Mentor Classrooms

This 2019 research study analyzes three residency programs looking for residency-year effects on student growth. The study shows that MTR residents have residency-year impacts on student growth even before they graduate and have their own classroom.

In this study, the average MTR mentor TVAAS index showed significant and sizable improvements during the year they host a resident when compared to a baseline of their own prior-year TVAAS. As is illustrated in the graphic, MTR recruits mentors with a baseline of higher than average student growth (1.0 units higher than average) and this student growth typically improves significantly during the year they have a resident in their classroom (0.65 to 0.83 units).

As demonstrated here, a student in a classroom served by an MTR mentor and resident typically grows more than they would have in the same mentor teacher’s classroom if no resident had been present. Rather than being slowed down by the training happening in their classroom, they are propelled forward by the addition of a second teacher in their classroom!


Residents Graduating & Completing Residency Year

Classes of 2010-2022

Graduates Completing 3-Year Teaching Commitment

Classes of 2010-2019, as of May 2022

5 yrs.
Median Graduate Career in Memphis High-Need Education

Serving in a teacher, school leader or other K-12 role.

This compares favorably to published retention rates of new teachers in Memphis-Shelby County Schools. While 92% of MTR graduates complete their 3-year commitment, less than 60% of district hires teach in the district for a full three years. Ultimately, principals who hire MTR graduates are significantly less likely to need to rehire that same position over the next several years. With a median career in Memphis education of 5 years, over 50% of MTR graduates are still working in Memphis high-need classrooms and leadership positions in their 5th year after graduation.



Students taught this year
We estimate that approximately 10,000 students will have at least one MTR teacher this year, just under 9% of the public school students in Memphis.


There are 312 MTR residents and graduates working in high-need Memphis education this year, 47 in leadership or administrative positions.

Futures & Careers

Millions in additional future income invested into students this year
Research suggests that the above-average growth seen by the 10,000 students served this year will translate into over $100 million in additional future income for the students served.

Distinction in Licensure Assessments

Consistent Performance on edTPA

edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment used by teacher preparation programs throughout the United States to emphasize, measure and support the skills and knowledge that all teachers need from Day 1 in the classroom. Tennessee requires a passing edTPA score in order to earn initial teacher licensure, and MTR residents had a significantly higher edTPA average than the national average. 100% of residents taking edTPA so far have passed on their first submission. Recent changes in Tennessee requirements mean that residents will no longer be required to complete edTPA starting with the 2023-2024 school year.

Chart by Visualizer


Average edTPA Score, 2018-2021 Cohorts
The TN passing score is 40, and the national average is 44.
(15-rubric handbook)

Graduate Preparedness

From the 2020 Teach901 Partner School Survey
Conducted by Teach901

Highly Rated By Graduates

In a survey conducted by Teach901, over 2,000 teachers in Memphis priority schools were asked about perceived effectiveness of their teacher preparation programs. Of the MTR graduates who responded, 98% agreed with the statement, “My teacher preparation program prepared me for my current teaching position.” This compares positively to the 83% of respondents overall who agreed with the statement. This is the 8th year in a row that MTR has had the highest percent of graduates agreeing they were adequately prepared by their teacher preparation program compared to other preparation routes on the survey.


MTR Graduates Agreeing They
Were Prepared for Current Position
Compared to 83% Overall

Resident Demographics and Placement (2010 - Present)


  • Asian

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Multiracial

  • African American

  • White

  • Other


  • Male

  • Female

Undergrad GPA Average


Graduate Placement Rate


Generosity Report