MTR Teachers

Working Side by Side for High-Quality and Equal Education

Residents from over 200 universities in over 35 different states have joined MTR since 2009. We are a diverse group of people from all parts of the country: from Washington to Florida and from California to Massachusetts. As one might expect, we have more teachers from Tennessee colleges and universities than any other state, yet 75% come to Memphis from out of state. Explore the map below to see residents and graduates by the state of their undergraduate school.

Across this individual diversity of backgrounds, we seek to cultivate dignity and peace among our staff and teachers as a picture of the coming Kingdom of God. Through a cohort model, shared housing, clustering of teachers, and social events, MTR fosters an esprit de corps within and among classes that demonstrates unity within diversity. Through MTR community, strong personal relationships and professional connections are developed.  

Meet Our Teachers

We invite you to explore MTR Life: Search for your college or university and connect with graduates that have found their way here. Search by current teaching placement in Memphis schools to see how MTR teachers are clustered in our partner neighborhood schools. Or view our teachers by class/cohort—and imagine yourself a member of the next cohort!

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