MTR Calendar
June 2017 – May 2018

Summer Preview Day Cultural Foundations*** JunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMay Internship Begins Camp Staff Arrives Applications Open Redbirds Night Back to School Bash Intramurals: Flag Football Fall Ball St. Jude Run Intramurals: Game League March Madness Trivia Night Intramurals: Volleyball Spring Formal Recruitment Events Camp Internship MUEd Applications Open Fall Preview Day University Preview Day Fall Application Deadline Fall Selection Weekend Invitations Offered Response Deadline Spring Preview Day Spring Application Deadline Spring Selection Weekend Invitations Offered Response Deadline Learning & BehavioralCharacteristics -Exceptionalities* Secondary School Methods** Reading in Content Area** Intensive Studies inContent Area** Teaching Reading &Language Arts* Teaching Social Studies &Science* Learning & BehavioralCharacteristics -Exceptionalities** Capstone Seminar: CurrentIssues in Urban Settings*** Resident Recruiting Days Fall Break Thanksgiving Break Lead Teach 1 Lead Teach 2 MLK Day Resident Retreat Spring Break Lead Teach 3 Lead Teach 4 (optional) Camp Opens Camp Closes Camp Staff Departs Applications Close Invitations Offered SUMMER FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER * Elementary only** Secondary only*** Secondary & Elementary Learning Theories** 21st Century ClassroomLeadership*** Summer School Clinicals*** Teaching Mathematics* 7/14 4/6 3/28 3/23-24 3/4 2/16 1/5 12/14 12/8-9 11/12 10/19-20 9/22 9/1 8/1 10/3-4 10/9-13 11/22-24 11/27 - 11/30 1/8-18 1/15 2/1-2 3/12-16 3/19-29 4/30-5/10 6/10 6/19 7/21 7/23 10/1 1/15 Mid-March 6/13-7/29 8/11-12/1 1/19-4/27

“Urban education reform requires everybody to contribute, and I believe we all have the capacity to be invested in our schools. I am committed to finding creative ways to foster community mindsets and academic success in the classroom. I hope that my students know that they are valued and they are inherently capable of doing great things.”
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