REDUCE summer learning regression. EXPOSE college students to MTR's mission of equal education. PROMOTE a love of learning.

Internship Opportunities

MTR Camp is a high energy day camp. Each intern is expected to participate in chants, hype sessions (think dance party) and whole camp community building activities. All interns will create engaging and fun classroom environments while scripting and teaching MTR written lesson plans. Interns will also develop and lead a weekly creative exploration module based on personal interest and talents (music, art, dance, poetry, etc.). The four different positions for camp interns are: Group Leader, Reading Teacher, and Technology Facilitator.

Group Leader

Group Leaders ensure the safety and well-being of campers during the camp day. Group Leaders will support Reading Teachers in instruction and classroom management. In the morning, Group leaders will travel with a set of campers to academic rotations and serve as a co-teacher for each content.  Group Leaders will be responsible for communicating with parents and intentionally building character with campers.

Reading Teacher

Reading Teachers create a classroom environment that promotes students learning through teaching Guided Reading and monitoring independent and group work. In the morning, Reading Teachers will instruct 2 groups of campers in assigned content.

Technology Facilitator

Technology Facilitators are responsible for leading the integration of educational technology throughout the camp day. They enhance the learning experience by building an integrated schedule to meet the needs of all campers. The Technology Facilitator also serves as the HypeMaster (DJ) during whole camp community building activities.

Intern Expectations

MTR Camp interns have a unique opportunity to learn, live, and teach in a very intimate community. College students from around the country are invited to Memphis to develop a love for learning in themselves and the children we serve. Therefore, it is important that potential interns are:

Teachable: Educators make mistakes and we acknowledge that this internship is a learning process. Therefore, interns should be willing to receive feedback and improve with the guidance of their site leadership.

Persistent: Culturally competent instruction, self reflection and collaboration are key to success in the classroom. Therefore, interns should be willing to engage in difficult conversations and tasks that require overcoming failure in order to ensure student success and personal growth.

Professional: Camp is fun but we must be simultaneously excellent in all that we do. Therefore, camp interns must be diligent in meeting deadlines, providing their best work, and fully participating in every aspect of the camp experience.

MTR will provide training and support for all interns in quality instruction, classroom leadership, professional development and cultural competency.

Community and Faith Development

  • On some Sunday mornings  interns will visit different churches together as a staff. Church will be mandatory for all summer staff.
  • Sunday afternoons and evenings are designated as a time to gather curricular materials and make any lesson preparations needed for the week.
  • Weekly staff meetings will serve as a launch into a new week of service by fostering reflection on learnings from the previous week and scripture through small group bible study.
  • MTR character maturity training sessions with MTR Executive Director.
  • A couple of Saturdays interns will explore Memphis together as a staff.
  • These events will be tours and fun experiences to further introduce interns to Memphis.
  • Interns will again have free time Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • Exposure Visits will be opportunities for interns to spend time with MTR Graduates and Residents. This provides unique insight into the Memphis educational landscape and the MTR community.
  • During the summer we will host a MTR Camp community dinner for a program called “Memphis Voices.”  A panel of individuals in different areas of community development throughout the neighborhood will speak about their service to the community.
  • Some evenings are designated for Staff Book Club.
  • The book for this summer is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.
  • Assigned chapters are to be read before Book Club.


Where are interns housed?

All Summer Staff will live in our housing facilities. We believe that living and working together offers a unique opportunity for staff unity and a team mindset. In addition, we think there is a lot of value in living and working near the neighborhood where your students go to school. Summer Staff will be living in local college dormitories that are furnished. The housing facilities are completely furnished.

Summer Staff are responsible for bringing their own bedding, cookware and towels. Guys and girls will have separate dorms and staff may share a room with one or two other staff members. Staff should be respectful of shared space A precautionary security service is included. Staff should maintain a clean living environment; rotating cleaning duties and ensuring the facilities are maintained well. Each camp site also has internet access.

Does MTR Camp provide transportation during the summer?

No, MTR Camp does not provide transportation to and from the worksites or other activities during the summer. Bringing a car is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory as carpooling with other summer interns is an option. Interns are responsible for securing their own transportation to and from Memphis at the beginning and the end of the camp term.

How Much Are Staff Compensated?

MTR Camp provides housing and meals for staff during their 4-week service at MTR Camp. MTR Camp staff will be paid $1,000 for the summer. An additional $250 meal stipend will be provided for groceries to cover breakfast and lunch throughout the summer. Dinner will be provided for 5 nights of the week. Payment will be disbursed throughout the summer.

How Can I Learn More about Applying or Visit MTR?

The first step to learning more and ensuring you receive application reminders is filling out the interest form to get more information and get follow-up emails about MTR Camp and the Residency. Another way to learn more is to sign up to visit MTR.

Applying to Become an Intern

Applications for Summer 2021 closed on January 15, 2021.

Requirements for acceptance into the MTR Camp internship include:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in a four-year college/university with at least one year completed and not graduating until after summer 2021. If you are graduating before the summer of 2021, please consider applying for the MTR’s residency program instead.
  • High energy, teachable individuals who are interested in teaching in a disadvantaged school
  • US Citizenship, Permanent Residency (Green Card) or DACA status
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher

The application process includes two parts:

  • Online Application: Includes uploaded resume, 2 references, current college transcript, and one essay.
  • Recorded Video Interview: You will receive an invitation to this after you submit your application.

Staff Dates

Staff Application Open: October 1st
Staff Application Close: January 15th
Hire Notifications: Mid-March
Employment Dates: June 20 – July 18, 2021

Camper Dates

Camp Term:
June 28 – July 15, 2021
Camp Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 am-3 pm


Dr. Tracey Jernigan, MTR Camp Director
Instagram: @MTRCamp

Other Opportunities

Will you already be a college graduate by this coming June? Or do you have more interest in secondary math/science than elementary? Please look into our other programs:

  • The Residency is for college graduates or anyone who will be a college graduate by this coming June. No education experience required! You can become an effective teacher serving under-resourced Memphis communities: elementary or secondary—including math, science, social studies, english and ESL. Earn a Master’s degree at no cost to you, get the support you need to become effective, and join our community of like-minded teachers!
  • The Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Education Fellowship is a six-week summer internship for college underclassmen persons of color who will not yet be graduates by this coming June. Each fellow will serve as a Teaching Assistant and Counselor at a math-focused STEM camp for middle school students who are passionate about math and science. Come learn about the joy of teaching math and science after graduation!