REDUCE summer learning regression. EXPOSE college students to MTR's mission of equal education. PROMOTE a love of learning.

About MTR Camp

MTR Camp was founded in 2013 to address systemic summer academic losses affecting students in MTR partner neighborhoods. Summer learning regression disproportionately affects students who live in low-income communities while middle­-class peers make slight gains. When multiplied over many years, more than half of the achievement gap between students of different socioeconomic statuses is explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities, impacting high school graduation and college readiness rates. The program is designed to provide academic enrichment within a summer camp experience for students who attend an MTR partner school, while exposing interns to education in Memphis and the residency program. Additionally, interns live in intentional community, explore Memphis and receive training in effective instructional techniques. MTR Camp aims to (1) reduce summer learning regression, (2) promote a love for learning, and (3) expose college students to MTR’s mission of equal education.

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Reduce Summer Learning Regression

During the summer of 2017, campers grew an average of 1 month in reading. Campers grew an average of 6% on internal math assessment. Strong reading fluency and mathematical competency are encouraging. Growth demonstrates that we are exceeding the baseline goal that students will not regress during the summer in these two academic areas.

Promote a Love for Learning

MTR Camp truly values the process of learning! Therefore, we structure our camp day strategically to build a culture that celebrates learning. The cheers we chant collectively reinforce a value for learning. Classrooms are engaging and fun! Teachers are consistently reminding campers to appreciate the learning process. It’s not a school day but a camp day. Each site is unique, but one characteristic remains: WE LOVE TO LEARN!

Expose College Students to MTR’s Mission of Equal Education

The summer staff experience provides the school year in microcosm: the opportunity to build individual relationships and classroom community from the first day of school/camp until the last, instruction, classroom leadership, professional development, coaching, and reflection on one’s own teaching practices. Providing intense classroom experience with training and support assists college students in deciding if teaching is a great career choice for them.

Program Components

Summer Internship

Six week paid summer academic camp internship alongside like-minded individuals.


Simulate first year teaching experience.


Live in intentional community while learning effective gospel centered community development strategies.

Academic Enrichment

Provide academic enrichment for elementary students living within MTR partner neighborhoods.

Summer Camp

Create a fun filled high energy summer camp atmosphere while promoting learning.


Receive training in effective instruction techniques.

Summer Learning

Use MTR Camp curriculum to to reinforce skills from the previous school year in small group instruction.


A paid summer internship with housing and meals provided. ($1250 living stipend)

Benefits for Interns

Gain a biblical perspective on professionalism and career choice

Exposure to our residency program

Practice full-cycle of creating a classroom

Engage in conversations, in deep community, concentrated with a historical and biblical context.

Develop Christian Community Education values and practices

Benefits for Campers

Gain a more positive view of learning

Exposure to range of enrichment activities in order to develop creativity

Practice academic skills from previous school year to enhance understanding

Engage in small group, hands-on, interactive learning experiences that are research-based to counteract summer learning regression

Develop strong character values and practices


Staff Dates

Staff Application Open: October 1st
Staff Application Close: January 15th
Hire Notifications: Mid-March
Staff Employment Dates: June 9 – July 22, 2018

Camper Dates & Registration

Camper Registration: In Person at Participating Elementary Schools from March to May
Camp Term: June 18 – July 20, 2018

Instagram: @MTRCamp

“From the moment I arrived, everybody was exceptionally energetic and seemed genuinely elated that we (camp staff) was finally here.” – EJ Ellard, 2015 Summer Intern