Why Equal Education Matters to Me

If someone would have asked me that question last year, I probably would have been at a loss for words. A loss because I felt like I was lost in the mix of lesson plans, pressure from administration, and students that just seemed to love to give me a hard time. Last year I was so caught up in the logistics that it was as if I was teaching robots. I didn’t care what my students were interested in. I didn’t care if they actually learned. All I cared about was making it through the day. I had lost sight of why I was here, and there were several times I was about to throw in the towel.

So what’s different this year? As much as I would like to say that I have become this amazing teacher, the truth is, I am still learning how to be a teacher, but my perspective of why I teach is different. I learned that it’s all about perspective. Rather than looking at my lesson plans as a box to check off the list, I look at them as an opportunity to help my students grow. Rather than looking at administration as a pain, I look at them as people that are doing the best they can to grow our students. Rather than look at my students as robots, I look at them as people. They are people. They are children that have so much to learn and yet, we can learn so much from them.

In short, equal education matters to me because my students matter. My students are people. They are not chairs in a classroom. They are not robots to program. They are not test results. They are God’s children. Children that deserve to be loved. A perspective that was once centered on me and my survival, has shifted to one of love for my students. A love that is expressed through the fight for equal education.
My prayer every morning and for you is that you would love your students how they need to be loved. If we can do that, I believe the Lord will use that love to help our students learn and bring us one step closer to equal education.

Ashley Bornhorst, Class of 2016