Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Pete Carroll


I spent an hour or more at Borders this afternoon with Ruthie and Mary Van. While they read about 20 Bearenstein Bears books, I picked up two magazines: Fortune and Sports Illustrated.

I read two articles that were so insightful that I wanted to share a few aha’s.

First, and most importantly, I read the article the $600 Billion Challenge from Fortune’s July 12, 2010 edition.

Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet are on a crusade to approach the 400 wealthiest persons in the world (all billionaires) with the challenge to give away 50% of their wealth during their lifetime or at death.

As an attachment to this article, Warren Buffet wrote a short essay explaining his personal pledge to give away 99% of his net worth. His explanation is fascinating. So much so that when I returned I had a quick team meeting with May and Annie to read it with them and talk through the main points.

Please read Buffet’s essay at here. Without detail, my aha’s were Buffet’s candor, humility and efforts to use his resources for the needs of others. Don’t miss this article.

Second, and much less significant, was the article on Pete Carroll from Sports Illustrated. Carroll is the former coach of the USC Trojans. During his 9 years at USC his teams went 97-19 and won two national titles. He is now the head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

I thought it was interesting that he has three team rules:

1. Protect your Teammate (read: resident, sibling, student, parent, child, friend, etc) on and off the field.
2. Be Early for Everything
3. No whining or complaining.

Good thoughts from a great coach.