Vision Banquet 2017

A week ago MTR held their first ever Vision Banquet at Autozone Park. All MTR Classes and staff were invited to this event, which means we had graduates from the Class of 2010 to the current residency Class of 2017, with over 300 people in attendance. We heard words of encouragement from MTR graduates and organization updates from, the Director of Education, Molly Nied, Others unveiled the new MTR Anthem and finally, we heard from Executive Director, David Montague.

MTR Anthem

The graduates started the night by highlighting experiences of their fellow cohort members and their drive behind the work they do day in and day out. Molly presented all things MTR related from coaching to recruiting and everything in between. I learned about so many different aspects of the organization that I didn’t even know were happening. It’s amazing to me the amount of work and dedication that goes into fundraising, teaching, coaching, graduate support, recruiting, etc…

Being fairly new on staff, it was so much fun for me to be in the presence of hundreds of incredible teachers who have dedicated their time to MTR. My husband is currently in the residency class and so it was a lot of fun to see those who had graduated and have been teaching for years come together in one place. It definitely gave me a lot of hope especially when graduation seems so far away at times.

At the end of the night, we had the privilege of going onto the Redbirds field to take a group photo (because anyone that knows MTR knows that David Montague MUST get a group pic). It was so fun to be on the field together. Another fun surprise was a slideshow of memories throughout the years played on the jumbotron!

It definitely felt like a big family reunion and made me feel so grateful to be a part of the legacy that MTR is in Memphis. From hearing about all of the incredible work being done by the staff, to seeing the faithfulness of teachers and administration working and giving their lives away in schools, I was truly encouraged. I look forward to the many more generations of MTR Classes and the impact that they will make here in our city. We are a part of something truly incredible.