Tennessee Teacher Tenure Law

2. Requires probationary teachers to place in the top two tiers of a new five-tier evaluation system in both the fourth and fifth years of teaching to win tenure.

3. Teachers awarded tenure after July 1 of this year may be returned to probationary status if they are evaluated in the bottom two tiers of the new evaluation system for two consecutive years.

4. Expands the definition of one legal ground for dismissing tenured teachers – inefficiency – to include being evaluated as below or significantly below expectations.

5. Gives principals flexibility to keep on a nontenured teacher after the five-year period.

Additionally, but not a part of this law, Memphis will use this evaluation system to not only inform the tenure process but also to substantially improve compensation for the teachers scored in the top tier of the evaluation.

MTR supports the Tennessee Tenure law and is committed to the proven best-practice of establishing a clear vision and definition of excellence and supporting teachers as they grow towards excellence.

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