Teacher Appreciation Week — Part Two

A blog post written by a current Resident, Lydia Fuson, as she reflects on how a Memphis teacher inspires the way she wants to treat her own students.

Harold Bouldin. Just typing his name puts the biggest smile on my face.

Mr. Bouldin was my Marketing teacher at White Station High School my 11th-grade year (he is now the 9th-grade principal).

Marketing was an elective course so it was not required, but if you ask anyone who has attended WSHS, having Mr. Bouldin as a teacher should be required. I do not know quite where to start or that I have the right words to express just how much the year I had him as my teacher meant to me, but here goes nothing…

To begin with, Mr. Bouldin has one of the greatest teacher personalities of all time. He is always so cheerful to see his students. He always has a smile on his face. He loves to laugh, even at himself. He has the “warm-strict” down to perfection. Mr. Bouldin not only cares about his students’ grades and their learning in his class, but he takes interest in their lives outside of school.

He was always asking how my life was going, how my family was doing, what my college plans were, and how he could help me in any way. He wasn’t just like that with me… he was like that with everyone. The way in which Mr. Bouldin cares about his students isn’t a show. It is genuine and intentional. He isn’t trying to be liked, and because of this he isn’t liked – he is loved. Mr. Bouldin loved me too, even in my failing moments. If that is not the definition of grace, then I don’t know what is.

My adoration for Mr. Bouldin did not stop after that year in 11th-grade Marketing. In fact, it continued to grow all throughout my senior year of high school (I have a theory that his recommendation letter alone got me a scholarship) and it still grows today as I face a classroom of students. Mr. Bouldin loves his job, loves his students, and loves Jesus. He is the epitome of strength, grace, and humility. His vivacious heart and tender soul made him one of the most unforgettable teachers – let alone person – I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can only hope to show the same genuity, compassion, tenderness, and unconditional love to my students.

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