Teacher Appreciation Week — Part Three

A blog post written by a current Resident, JaVorah Davis, as she reflects on how a Memphis teacher recognized and encouraged her unique skill sets.


Mr. Will Miller was my 6th-grade teacher at Delano Optional School.

Mr. Miller pushed me beyond the basic level of understanding because he believed in me and saw what I was capable of. He invested in me as a whole student and not just as a student in his classroom. He looked out for my brother as well. Inside the classroom, he gave me responsibilities to strengthen my talents. He made me a team leader and a teacher assistant. I got to help by doing work on the board and peer tutor other classmates. This is what I want to incorporate into my classroom. I want to be able to recognize the gifts and talents in my students along with their personalities and utilize them in the classroom. I want to make them feel that this is their class and not just my class.



Mr. Miller has kept up with me since I left his class. I invited him to my high school graduation and he cameHe even kept up with me while I was in college. When I told him that I was in Memphis Teacher Residency, he was not surprised. He told me that he wanted me to come teach at Delano. The thing that meant the most to me was when he told me that he had no doubt that I will be a great teacher.


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