Community Partner Highlight: Streets Ministries

Interview with Kelechi Ordu | Site Director, Streets Ministries – Graham Heights

Streets Ministries-Graham Heights is a Christian youth development organization located on the same block as Kingsbury Elementary, Middle, High Schools

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Kingsbury Schools, MTR, & Streets: Neighbors and Partners

Streets Ministries is an extension of the space available to Kingsbury teachers and students. During the school day, teachers can bring their students to our computer labs. Teachers also use our space for student incentives during the school day and after school. The eighth graders were just here for a mini field day, with competitions between homerooms. The schools have had dance parties here to raise money for sports teams. We partner with our schools for homecoming: We encourage kids to go to the game to support the team and we’ll have a party – a “fifth quarter” – at Streets afterwards. The high school does a college fair here every year. The middle school and Streets partner to do seminars for the students. The teachers ask Streets staff to design curriculum and teach classes to address areas where middle school students need to grow, topics like self-esteem and hygiene.

Building Relationships with Teachers & Supporting Kids Together

Monday nights we open up the gym for teachers to play basketball. It makes my job and my life a lot sweeter being able to build deeper relationships with the teachers. When stuff happens with kids, teachers and Streets staff get to exchange information and help each other out. We had a girl with Asperger’s, and I don’t think her teachers knew about it. Because her mom had told us at Streets about her condition, we were able to relay that information to the teachers. The teachers now understand, so they can provide grace for this child and support her well. Teachers have done the same thing for us: When situations happen at school or at home, teachers will reach out to us at Streets and ask us to talk with students, to connect with them. We can relate better with our students through relationships with Kingsbury teachers.

It’s been a blessing for us at Streets to be able to provide teachers a doorway to meet kids outside of the classroom and for us to have teachers here to love on this community the way they do.

Excerpt from MTR Yearbook: Community Matters