St Jude, MTR and saving kid’s lives

On Monday, June 26th, the MTR was treated to a wonderful lunch and tour of St Jude Children’s Hospital… recently designated as the #1 Childrens Pediatric Hospital in America by US News & World Report AND voted the 2nd best place to work in US academia by The Scientist magazine.

The energy, momentum and blessing that is St Jude was incredibly evident. After our tour, Dr. Bill Evans, St Jude’s CEO, spoke with our group. Of the many highlights, my favorite was this…

In the 1950’s, the survival rate of childhood leukemia ws 4%. Today at St Jude’s the survival rate is 94%. And Dr. Evans encouraged us with the following statement, “So, you see, we’re in the same business. St Jude’s is saving children’s lives medically and the MTR is about saving kid’s lives academically.”

We’re thrilled to partner with St Jude in such important work: children.