Sealing the Cracks

Our students come to us with significant gaps in skill and content and, as a teacher, it is our responsibility to find and seal the cracks that exist. We will seal the cracks through rigorous and well scaffolded instruction that addresses the gaps and sets students up for high level academic success.

We expect our students to enter our classrooms with gaps; academic, social, and behavioral. Danny Song, a third year MTR graduate, knows the importance of sealing the cracks for his sixth graders at Veritas College Prep. Most of his scholars are several years behind in math and reading skills, but that doesn’t stop them from mastering grade level material. Every day, Mr. Song rapid fires multiplication tables with his scholars, reviews fraction rules on every class assignment with spiral review activities, and works with his special education support teacher to teach math comprehension through reading comprehension skills. Mr. Song expects the gaps, assesses for them, seals them, and continues to hold his scholars to high expectations.