President Obama and Memphis

President Obama was in Memphis Monday, May 16th to give the graduation commencement address and hand out diplomas to Booker T. Washington High School’s 155 graduates.

I was particularly interested in this quote: “So that’s why I came here today. Because if success can happen here at Booker T. Washington, it can happen anywhere in Memphis. And if it can happen in Memphis, it can happen anywhere in Tennessee. And it can happen anywhere in Tennessee, it can happen all across America.”

Just a reminder… Everyone really is watching Memphis. The President is watching. Bill and Melinda Gates are watching. The whole nation is watching.

I believe the MTR has this once in a lifetime opportunity to transform education one school and one feeder pattern at a time. And in doing so, we have the opportunity and potential to transform and redeem public education in Memphis for God’s glory. We have the opportunity to do the impossible… and by doing so, prove that God is real and powerful and faithful to His promises to those in need.

And the whole world will know of it…

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