MTR volunteers help repair N95 masks for Memphis hospital

by Caroline O’Hare
MTR Staff

A few weeks ago, I got a notification from my church that Baptist Hospital was in need of volunteers to help sew elastic on 20,000 N95 masks because the original elastic had been messed up in storage. I cannot sew (I actually almost broke a sewing machine in home economics class in high school), but I volunteered to organize a team, and the MTR family really stepped up.

Coaches and staff helped connect me with grads, alum, and family members who could sew. In the end, we had five MTR family members – Renee Hudlow (MTR Class of 2017), Christy Bakke (MTR Class of 2015), Courtney Conrad (MTR Class of 2019), Virginia Boyd (MTR Class of 2011), and Kat McRitchie (MTR Staff). Two MTR extended family members were also part of the team of volunteers: Jacki Romey, mom of Kelsea Walkley (MTR Staff) and Julia Harkins, wife of Seth Harkins (MTR Class of 2011). Virginia Boyd also recruited two friends to help. In one weekend, the MTR team repaired 630 masks.

Our group was part of a larger effort that helped repair all of the masks that Baptist needed. What a dream team–thank you for using your talents to help meet a need for the community!

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