REDUCE summer learning regression. EXPOSE college students to MTR's mission of equal education. PROMOTE a love of learning.

For Campers

  • Staff will implement engaging, hands-on, interactive learning experiences that are research-based to counteract summer learning regression
  • Students grouped by academic level
  • No more than 15-18 students
  • Taught by college teachers with the help of a group leader. That is a 1:6 adult-to-child ratio!
  • Standards-based objectives that are a review of what students learned during the previous school year
  • A daily math meeting (similar to calendar math) to reinforce basic skills
  • Differentiated small group instruction
  • Math games
  • Cognitively guided instruction
  • Individualized sight word activities at each student’s level
  • Small group guided reading instruction using Jan Richardson’s Next Step Guided Reading lesson plans and Reading A-Z books and materials
  • Interactive online reading program to reinforce a variety of skills
  • Read-aloud
  • Whole group meeting with group chants and cheers
  • Character education
  • Lunchtime DJ and dancing
  • Student-selected and intern lead afternoon activities such as dance, crafts, mindulfness activities and fitness

For Interns

  • On some Sunday mornings  interns will visit different churches together as a staff. Church will be mandatory for all summer staff.
  • Sunday afternoons and evenings are designated as a time to gather curricular materials and make any lesson preparations needed for the week.
  • Weekly staff meetings will serve as a launch into a new week of service by fostering reflection on learnings from the previous week and scripture through small group bible study.
  • MTR character maturity training sessions with MTR Executive Director.
  • Some evenings are designated for Staff Book Club.
  • The book for this summer is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.
  • Assigned chapters are to be read before Book Club.
  • Throughout the summer interns meet with current MTR residents at an event called The Gathering.
  • Nationally known speakers exhort teachers and potential in social justice work.
  • In previous summers we have heard from D.A. Horton, Jonathan “Pastah J” Brooks, Pastor John O, Leroy Barber, and Michelle Higgins.
  • Exposure Visits will be opportunities for interns to spend time with MTR Graduates and Residents. This provides unique insight into the Memphis educational landscape and the MTR community.
  • During the summer we will host a MTR Camp community dinner for a program called “Memphis Voices.”  A panel of individuals in different areas of community development throughout the neighborhood will speak about their service to the community.
  • A couple of Saturdays interns will explore Memphis together as a staff.
  • These events will be tours and fun experiences to further introduce interns to Memphis.
  • Interns will again have free time Saturday afternoon and evening.


Staff Dates

Staff Application Open: October 1st
Staff Application Close: January 15th
Hire Notifications: Mid-March
Employment Dates: June 8 – July 21, 2019

Camper Dates & Registration

Camper Registration: In person registration at participating elementary schools from March to May
Camp Term: June 17 – July 19, 2019
(closed on July 4)
Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm


Dr. Tracey Jernigan, MTR Camp Director
Instagram: @MTRCamp

“From the moment I arrived, everybody was exceptionally energetic and seemed genuinely elated that we (camp staff) was finally here.” – EJ Ellard, 2015 Summer Intern