Mentor Gratitude

In a spirit of gratitude, MTR Instructional Coach, Brittany Ordu, collected a list of adjectives that MTR Class of 2016 residents use to describe their mentors. MTR mentors are outstanding educators who open their doors and practice to model, train and support MTR residents through their first year in the program. Residents and the MTR staff are beyond grateful for the phenomenal mentors across the city.

Mentors, thank you for your hard work and vulnerability in the process of allowing a resident to teach and learn within your classroom. You are invaluable.

StrongI chose this word because when I think of you, I think of strength. Whenever I am feeling down you are right there to support me and remind me that I can. During hard times, I watched you deal with that with strength, love, and grace. I am so honored to be called your resident.
DevotedWhen looked up synonyms for “motherly” I saw “devoted” there, which more specifically explains my point. Why? You are devoted to the students of our school far beyond your own class this year. You have former students, their relatives, and students you don’t even know who visit you quite often because you have taken them under your wing much like a mother would.
DynamicYou have an unprecedented presence in the classroom that demands respect. You are quick to solve problems and have an uncanny ability to remain steadfast and smooth in tough situations.
SizzlingYou are on fire everyday. You give everything you have to your students every single day.
RegenerativeYou are constantly and consistently pouring into and propelling others to be better and supporting them when they miss the mark. You are continually working to push scholars toward greatness and are helping to transform me into a great teacher. This is the epitome of a regenerative spirit.
FluidYou are adaptable and very understanding. You are constantly making procedures better through adjustments and working with me so I can have a stake in what we are doing.
BUENO!You use this adjective colloquially all the time. Though you are far too humble to ever describe yourself as such, your mentorship is BUENO! You are always ready to listen and help me process. You model strategies, mindsets, and attitudes well, and you challenge me to do more and be better yet simultaneously remind me to remain in a mindset of faithfulness in serving the only One who matters.
TrailblazerI choose this word because you are always willing to be flexible and elastic. You plan ahead to help better suit my needs and expectations in MTR, and you are always ahead of the game. You are more like an innovative leader setting the pace for everyone else (including myself)!
FlowyWhenever something crazy happens or there is a big change to our schedule or classroom set-up, you go with the FLOW, don’t get upset, and do what you have to do in order to make sure our students are learning. You’ve been a great example to me and I’m so grateful to be in your classroom.
Strategic You are one of the most resourceful, thoughtful, wise problem-solvers I know. This results in meaningful instruction, great classroom culture, supported and encouraged students and co-workers, and so much more.
AmbitiousYou do not settle for less than meets expectations as you lead students to be successful. You creatively engage students to build math fluency, stay focused and “see” math.
GraciousNot only are you gracious and kind with me when I make mistakes, but you have a warm, loving attitude with your students and others that makes them want to be and stay around you.
CourageousAs you go through one of the most unstable years of your teaching career (because of changes in classes, curriculum, teachers, expectations, students, and having a resident) you take on every new challenge head on and encourage me to stay calm and do what’s best for our students even when you have little control over what happens.
PatientI choose patient to describe you because despite my mistakes and flaws you continue to work with me and encourage me. I know I have a lot of growing to do but I’m just glad you haven’t given up on me.
DedicatedYou are always willing to stay late and work harder than anyone I know to make sure that you are being the best teacher you can be.
AltruisticSince the very first day I met you, you have opened your classroom up to me in a way that has felt loving, supportive, and I feel like I have learned so much from you. I chose altruistic as an adjective to describe you because you are always working so selflessly for the betterment of your students, to help other teachers at your school, to help out residents at MTR, and to patiently mentor me in such an inspiring way!
IncredibleSince being a part of your classroom, I have been fortunate enough to observe how incredible you are. You have not only been incredible as a teacher, but as a mentor and a member of the staff at your school. You have been so encouraging to me as I am still learning how to effectively lesson plan and then teach my students. You have also been so incredibly kind to me and patient with me throughout this learning process. You are always an encouragement to the staff at your school with her weekly cupcake delivery and willingness to help wherever you are needed. I am so grateful for you everyday and cannot imagine having a better mentor!
FierceYou approach every challenge with confidence that dominates any tinge of doubt. You eat challenges for breakfast and impossibilities for dinner.
JoyfulYou come to work every day with a positive attitude; I hardly ever hear you complaining.  When the students ask you, “How are you?” during our greeting, you always reply, “I’m wonderful–I’m so happy to see you,” and your genuine smile shows them that you really mean it.
FIERCEYou love people relentlessly, teach passionately, serve the school community intensely (seriously, I’m not sure how our school would operate without you)- you are just altogether awesome. You are a powerhouse at warm-strict and generally give Sasha Fierce a run for her money. #QueenBey (The compliment of compliments.)

I am just so unboundedly thankful that you are my mentor.

JoyfulYour personality and presence in the classroom are infectious to not only me but to all of our students. The culture you create in our classroom is filled with joy and happiness!
FaithfulYou are faithful to your job to serve students and your coworkers. You are reliable, trusted, and a loyal worker.
DedicatedYou are always willing to step up and do what must be done, regardless of whether or not it’s your ‘responsibility’. You have continually set an example of what it looks like to be a teacher who always tries to do what’s best for your students.
The Baddest


What can you give to the teacher who’s already got everything? To a teacher with a Simpsons reference for every occasion, and Taco Bell for every mood? To a teacher with enough je ne sais quoi to sport a faux hawk and read Isaac Asimov? To a teacher who drives stick shift, and rolls down their windows by hand? You can give that teacher a vanilla coke. He/she like that a lot.
MotivatingYou keep the students motivated to do well, act right, and be attentive, and you motivate me to be a better teacher everyday!


You give so much of your time and effort to making things happen (what a catalyst does) here at our school- both in the classroom and for the athletics.
PerceptiveYou are very perceptive of the needs of all students.  You are diligent and thoughtful in all you do, and remain gracefully steady regardless of the potential chaos a school day may bring!
BraveYou confidently step in to situations with a deep sense of purpose; you are so faithful to serving the students.
InsightfulI chose this adjective to describe you because you are so brilliant, yet you always want to learn so you can better your craft. Being your resident is great because I know that I can learn so much from you.
DevotedYou are one of the hardest working people I know; however, you don’t work hard just to work hard. It is because of your genuine love and concern for our students that you work all hours of the night and morning preparing unique lessons that will benefit them best.
Rock StarYou are a rock star in and out of the classroom. You are dedicated to making sure that the students are getting what they need and constantly reflecting on your teaching to make you a better teacher for your students. Not only are you rocking it out in the classroom, you are making sure to be the person that your family needs. You are a rock star and you are the real deal. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a rock star. I hope I can be a rock star one day!
Eccentric You are always a person who makes people laugh and make every situation exciting.


That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of you. Your personality alone brings a sense of comfort when times seem unbearable. I can truly say, that your heart is for the students.
SelflessYou are always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in anyway you can. While you are extremely busy yourself, you take the time every morning to pick up students who need a ride and are always immediately willing to go above and beyond with anything I ask or need help/ advice on.
Seasoned You’ve seen it all and remain unfazed and unabashedly yourself. You always have loads of wisdom and approaches to share with students and me, and we’re all better for it!
FlexibleDespite the changes that come your way, I appreciate the way you roll with the changes and look for the best way to solve it. I also appreciate the way you always push me to try new things in your classroom. This flexibility helps me grow as a teacher.
BodaciousYou are bold, determined, and you push your kids toward success in the classroom. All the kids love and respect you because you keep your class engaging. People can usually hear you teaching three classrooms away! 🙂 Plus you’re the best mentor ever!!
MagnanimousYou are one of the kindest humans I have ever worked with. You are patient and gracious and generous, especially in my failures and blunders as a resident. You perpetually encourage and teach everyone at our school. You are what I aspire to be as a teacher.
Lovingly committed In every aspect of the job, it is clear that you love what you are doing. You love the students, love teaching, and love being at school. Your commitments to your students and to your job are also evident. You completely embody the notion of doing whatever it takes and of having no excuses–for yourself, our students, or for me. I’m so lucky to spend ~44 hours a week with you! And those are a great 44 hours, by the way.
SuperWhile superhero posters and pictures cover the walls, it doesn’t take much time to realize that you are the real superhero in the room. I really appreciate and admire your consistency, your ability to solve problems, and your encouragement. Thanks for being my mentor!
BrightWhen you walk into a room it is instantly infused with joy and encouragement. You are one of the most genuinely positive people I have ever met and it has been a pleasure working with you. You definitely make me a better person!
Persevering You are the strongest, most intelligent teacher I know! Whatever is thrown your way, you always find a way to persevere with a smile on her face.
GentleGentleness is a disposition described as “even-tempered, tranquil, balanced in spirit, and unpretentious.” You are an exemplary example of this fruit of the spirit in how you conduct your life and in how you treat others.
EfficiencyWhether in economy of language, class instructions, or personal endeavors, you are efficient.  I actually think it’s your middle name.  But seriously, you are incredibly proficient in discerning and employing the most efficient method to what you do.  I really hope to continue learning this from you.
InspirationalHaving you as my mentor has made me want to be a better teacher every day. Your ability to teach and care for our students while still maintaining so many professional responsibilities, all the while excelling in all areas, is something that I am working to emulate daily.
DedicatedYou have given nearly 20 years of your life for the betterment of others.  You’ve spent countless hours committed to your craft to ensure your students grow both academically and as people.
DecorativeYou go above and beyond creating a classroom environment that embellishes our content by placing useful vocabulary & phrases on the walls for student reference, as well as collecting and hanging flags and ornaments from various Latin American countries. You also have a great sense of fashion, which garnishes the attention of her students who are constantly commenting on your style and admiring you for it. Your attitude is fun, festive, and has a bright lexicon. You are a decorative person in all aspects. You have subtly been teaching me that students respect and look up to the effort a teacher makes with their presentation, both in the sense of professional and inspiring attire, as well as the inviting and exciting feel of their classroom.

(Hope you don’t mind me going over two sentences, but my mentor deserves more.)

Sassy, but classy, spirit-filled, tell it like it is (straightforward)There are countless reasons why I so appreciate and love you, but at the top of that list are the following things: your love for Christ, your love of life, and your ability to tell me straight up like it is. Whether it’s you telling me that I need to be more of a bulldog in the classroom, or you telling me to fix my attitude about something, or you directing me back to the Word, I never have to doubt where I stand with you or my progression as a resident. You will definitely let me know! Straight up! Every time! Even if it hurts my feelings. You don’t care. And for that, I am so grateful. Seriously could not have been blessed with a better, more equipped mentor who puts their all into training me to fulfill my God-given purpose of teaching
Gentle & generousYou are gentle and generous because you always kindly and lovingly give me feedback and teaching pro-tips.


You never settle for ‘okay’ and always strive to make things better for the students and for the team! Thanks for thinking of new and different ways to make our school, grade, and math class a better place to be!
Conscientiously-passionateI chose the hyphenated words conscientious and passion to describe you because principles without drive or concern are lifeless, while passion without framework and moral code also falls short because it lacks guidance. With an insatiable desire for the reign of justice and truth, you approach the world at large as well as the miniature world in your classroom with a contagious passion for empathy through the medium of literature, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.
AccommodatingI just started in your room. You have your routines and schedule, yet you are willing to open up your classroom to me 10 weeks into the school year.
BoisterousI chose this word because it describes both your volume while speaking as well as your passion while addressing injustice. You love people and your family well. It’s been an honor to learn from you.
Competent, trusting, and insightful leaderYou are always there to help and support me in becoming a better teacher. And, on top of all of that, we have a lot of fun together. You are pretty great. #ShoutOutToGodWithAVoiceOfTriumph


With everything from your warm hugs to telling students that they may “send you into a flashback”, students and teachers can’t get enough of you. You have the perfect combination of warm-strict affection that not one soul can resist.
Commander of RespectYou also command the respect of students, teachers, and administrators alike. And when I say “command respect,” I mean that you get respect from absolutely everyone, and you deserve every last bit of that respect.
CompassionateNot only are you compassionate to your students, but to me as well. You take time to check in with me as both a resident and as a stressed out grad student who is new to the adult world. I’m so thankful for your time and effort in training me to be an excellent social studies teacher!
Confident You show confidence in yourself, me, as your resident, your students, and each person you come in contact with. I am so thankful that you have a genuine desire for me to succeed and do everything in your power to make that happen.
Cool under pressureYou have a knack for being able to enter any situation, and come out as in control as ever. Your consistency and calm demeanor, coupled with the affection you show your students are an incredible example to me!
BoldYou are a force to be reckoned with. Students possess a deep reverence for you. You boldly teach and create an environment where authentic learning is happening. This boldness encourages students to find joy in the work of learning.
Flame-proofBecause you are the only teacher I know who can play with fire and never be burned.
Self-assuredI chose this adjective because you’re super at ease in front of the students and I really respect the way you carry yourself in meetings.
AuthenticNo matter what happens you always stay true to who you are and I greatly admire that about you!
Sprightly90% of the reason why I chose sprightly is because it means lively, spirited, and full of energy. You are all of those. Even in the midst of tiredness and the hard work we do as teachers, you find a reason to smile, giggle, and be cheerful. There is also a running joke/insider on our hall that I think everyone is old and sprightly speaks especially of an old person. This reason makes up the last 10%.


You are always well prepared and prepped for class. Everything has a place, and there is no room to question how or why because everything is so well prepared.
EXTRAodinaryYou go above and beyond in everything, everyday. You serve and love everybody you encounter so well while also fulfilling your roles as a parent, friend, coach, athletic director, teacher, administrator, mentor and so much more. You teach me more than you’ll ever know and I am beyond thankful that you welcomed me into your classroom this year.
NurturingYou are kind, caring, and nurturing to both the students and to me. You are a genuinely sweet person that cares for others.
SagaciousYou have displayed multiple examples of prudence when choosing how to word corrections for the students as well as myself. You’ve got that Warm/Strict and are always ready with advice.
AmiableI chose this word because you have incredible rapport with a diverse cross section of faculty and staff at our school. Your friendliness and warmth affects everything from your classroom to our PLC meetings.

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