Memphis Teacher Residency went to Urbana 2012!

Picture this: 16,000 passionate, energetic, gospel-centered,
college-aged adults gathering in St. Louis, Missouri, to seek God for insight
and guidance into His global mission. Welcome to Urbana 2012. This past
December 27th through January 1st, Memphis Teacher
Residency attended the conference and set up a booth in the exhibition hall to
interact with the attendees looking for opportunities to make an impact on our
world for Christ.

The conference touched on many of the problems facing our
world today. From the AIDS epidemic across Africa, to the lack of clean
drinking water in the developing world, to the expanding global industry of
human trafficking and sexual exploitation, to the persecution of Christians in countries
like China and North Korea, and to the thousands of orphans scattered across
every continent—we are faced with a bleak picture. However, David Platt, the
keynote speaker of the conference and author of best-selling book Radical, highlighted the need for
Christians everywhere to live radical lives of faith, following Jesus into even
the bleakest of places.

As participants stopped by the MTR information booth, we
discussed the status of urban education in America today. We discussed
the injustice of the failing public school systems, particularly in the under-resourced,
urban districts of our country. We discussed the great need for Christians to
come together in community to love their urban neighbors in America by ensuring
every child receives an excellent education. This stellar education will fight
potential cycles of poverty and will open up greater access to opportunity in these students’

Furthermore, when Christians come to a place like Memphis and seek the
welfare of the city by becoming an excellent teacher, it sends a message: God
cares about every child growing up in a broken system.  He cares so much about them that He will raise
up a generation of Christians to humbly serve and work for the good of these
children. May God lead you to join the collaborative effort of courage to end
educational inequality in Memphis, Tennessee!