Meet Sara Ewel | MTR Class of 2018

Sara loves science. She studied Neuroscience and Educational Studies during her time in undergrad at Rhodes College. She worked at MTR Camp in the summer of 2016, which is where she fell in love with teaching the youth of Memphis.

She wanted to share her love of science with others, and realized that teaching was the way to do it.

Sara was deeply impacted by her time working with students at MTR Camp. She headed into her senior year at Rhodes with her eyes set on one goal – become a highly effective high school science teacher. Sara applied to be a resident teacher with MTR and joined us in the summer of 2017. The new “Ms. Ewel” was ready to bring the love of science to her classroom at Melrose High School.

In just her first year of teaching, her students showed 1.38 years of growth. Currently, Sara is in her sixth year of teaching and has continued to showcase her excellence as a science teacher.

“My mentor teacher, Abby Wong, and my MTR coach, Caroline O’Hare, truly embodied grace and truth. They and MTR are the reason I am the teacher I am today.”

Sara now works at Compass Midtown, where she teaches 10th grade biology. Being a great teacher was not enough, though. Her charter network asked her to serve as the science lead for the school, completing observations and offering her feedback to all the science teachers in the school.

Educational inequality is one of the greatest social justice and Civil Rights issues in America today.
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