Meet Ricardo Trejo | MTR Class of 2023

Ricardo wanted to make a difference. Ricardo Trejo, MTR Class of 2023, was raised in Memphis. He had several MTR teachers growing up, beginning in 8th grade. He attended the University of Memphis, where he studied psychology. Deep down, he knew his passion was working with kids.

Since Ricardo didn’t have an education degree, he wasn’t sure if it was possible for him to become a teacher and inspire Memphis youth. He remembered Memphis Teacher Residency and how some of his most impactful teachers came from MTR.

“The thing I knew about MTR teachers is that they care. I knew this was where I wanted to invest myself.”

Ricardo spent two summers working at MTR Camp which led him to applying and joining MTR as a resident in June of 2022. His dream of being called Mr. Trejo has become a reality for him at Wells Station Elementary.

Educational inequality is one of the greatest social justice and Civil Rights issues in America today.
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