Jesus Has Already Won

Author: MTR Graduate | Teacher at an MTR Partner School

An MTR teacher shared this email with his team this week. Hopefully all teachers can find encouragement in it. The first week back at school does not always go as planned. It is okay, there is an answer.

View More: know how frustrating today was. I left disappointed, frustrated and discouraged that our second day of school
went that way. If your feeling any of that, please know that’s completely normal, and you’re not alone.

I was disappointed because I felt like today really undercut the excitement that we had going on so far this school year. I was frustrated because of the way it was handled, and I was discouraged because I want our school to be something else than it has been. This is a school that has been living the “my butt over your butt” mentality that the world teaches every day. It’s a school that has constantly had turn over and been in the gutters because of politics and depravity in the system. You saw that today, and you’ll see it again sometime this year. But I do want to at least offer some encouragement for us before school starts again tomorrow.
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In Matthew 5, Jesus starts his ministry off giving the Sermon on the Mount and of all things he decides to say the Beatitudes first. Jesus is basically saying, “these are what my people are going to look and act like.” And instead of saying that we are going to dominate the world, he says his people are going to be poor in spirit, mourners, meek, pursuing righteousness, and mercy. And this is what we get to be at my school, even and especially when things get frustrating, because Jesus has already won.
And to me, this is the only encouragement to keep going when things get frustrating. That Jesus has already won. That he is in control, that he truly mourns over the lives some of our kids are living. That even when we feel the chaos of the place we are teaching in, he is in control. That we can really live lives that communicate “my life for yours” instead of “your life for mine” because he has done that for us.
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And so what does this all mean for us as teachers in a school that lives in the kingdom of the world. It means that we really can be ambassadors to this school, that we really can live a life of servant leadership, even if no one notices us. That we can serve our administration even when they frustrate us. We shouldn’t be surprised when the world acts like the world. We should expect it, but we know that he is “making all things new,” including this school.