In the Words of an MTR Resident: Rachel Kittaka

I am constantly amazed by MTR’s leadership team. 
Program directors and coaches at MTR model the confidence and humility
that they seek to build in the residents. Resident evaluations on the effectiveness of coursework and seminars
drive MTR’s growth as a program in the same way that coach feedback drives residents’
development as teachers.  The MTR staff
holds itself to the same high standards of preparedness and engagement that
they expect from their residents.  

As a
resident, I respect and trust my leadership because of their transparent,
sincere efforts to live as vessels of God’s love and justice on a daily basis
in the realm of urban education.   

The MTR staff shares a wealth of experiences
and resources as excellent urban classroom teachers and visionary,
relationship-focused leaders.  They inspire
me to love the city of Memphis and work to bring quality public education to
its citizens.  The MTR staff also encourages
us to view our students and their communities in terms of assets rather than
deficits.  It might be easy to see
teaching as a one-way transfer of knowledge from people with resources to
people without resources.  Nevertheless, the
MTR challenges its residents to acknowledge and take advantage of the rich
history and intelligence embedded within the communities that it serves.  

Furthermore the MTR leadership
emphasizes that quality education is only one piece of the larger goal to
restore health and opportunity to inner-city neighborhoods.  In partnering with other community
development organizations, the MTR acknowledges the need for focused
collaboration among many interest groups to create positive change in Memphis.  By valuing communication over independence,
the MTR promises to be an effective facet of community restoration in the years
to come.          

Rachel Kittaka

2013 Resident