In the Words of an MTR Graduate: Warren Grimm

As a
graduate of MTR, I am so appreciative of everything I learned during my
residency year.   What I love about MTR
is that the learning does not stop after the residency year.  You are a part of the program for the
following three years. You are connected even though you are not physically at
MTR everyday.  An important aspect that
the residency year has helped prepare me for is finding a balance.  In education, it seems like there is always
something to do, as though your job is never complete.  MTR is intentional in preparing you for this
by stressing the importance of your spiritual life and how this is more
important than your job.  I have learned
that if you have a foundation in God, everything else will run much smoother. 

Another aspect
of MTR that has been so helpful for me is coaching.  My coach, Lisa, has done much more than tell
me what I am doing right and wrong in the classroom.  She is supportive and for me it is important
to get advice from her about parent communication, talking to administrators,
teaching techniques, etc.  I have
benefited tremendously from my coach and am looking forward to working with her
this year as well!

As a
teacher who graduated from MTR, I would love to have more colleagues who are
MTR graduates as well.   This program is
a great fit for a current teacher who is seeking to continue learning how to
better serve his/her students. 

Warren Grimm

MTR Graduate 2010