In the Words of an MTR Graduate: Grace Knight

In the words of a graduate
from the first class of Memphis Teacher Residency, I can tell you that I had
multiple people tell me in my first year of teaching that I did not seem like a
first year teacher. I would always tell them that was because I had
completed a “first” year while I was able to watch and learn from a
wonderful mentor.  While my first year was not always easy or even
successful, I believe that because I went through MTR, it was better than I
could have ever done on my own. 

I joined MTR because I felt God’s
calling on my life to be a teacher in the city that I love.  I could have
never imagined how I would be poured into by the staff and supported through
this incredible journey.  As I begin my last year of the program, I know
that I will be forever grateful for the years I have spent learning about God’s
call for social justice and about becoming the best possible teacher I can

If you are praying about applying to join MTR, I recommend that
you take the leap of faith and step into something that will be challenging,
exciting, encouraging, and even discouraging at times.  It is a high
calling from the Lord and one that may not be rewarded on this earth, but it is
a joy to go to work every day knowing that I am part of God’s redeeming plan
for Memphis and for the children that live there.

-Grace Knight, 2010 Graduate