History Teachers in Action

Check out these MTR graduate shoutouts from their coach!

Keven Stepter (2021) took on a new chapter at Douglas High and is finding his heart for Economics and Personal Finance. Keven is a true definition of never giving up and he expresses that daily to his students to reach their future financial needs and desires.

As a mobile teacher, Shannon McChesney (2021) is killing the game by keeping middle school engaged and focused throughout the entirety of her lessons! Soulsville Middle is better because of Ms. McChesney!

Austin Cantrell (2020) is encouraging, motivating, and comforting to students at Douglass High. With nearly every seat taken in most of his classes, he’s figured out a way to maximize learning time with limited distractions.

Want to see a first year grad effectively teach AP US History?! Then go visit Nae Hicks (2022) at Soulsville High. Her passion for student success is evident through her reflective teaching practices. She never gives up on students and pushes them until they reach mastery of objective and standards.

Liam Coyle (2020) facilitates effective reading and literary skills to students at Kingsbury Middle with ease and poise. He is a great history teacher!

Khaiuna Ayetimiyi (2022) leads students through document-based questions and analyses. The skills students learn in her class will stick with them throughout their academic careers beyond US History and TN Ready!

Taylor Price (2022) takes on 9th graders at East High through her innovative use of technology. Students are always eager to answer questions, voluntarily engage in the lesson, and they sit at the edge of their seats awaiting Ms. Price’s next teacher moves.

Student voice is welcomed, heard, and responded to in Jimmy Hill’s (2022) US Government class! No surprise at all – he is excelling as a 1st year grad at East High.

Jacob Staley (2021) at Compass Midtown has utilized meaningful stations that spark student inquiry about United States History topics. His students are ready and willing to question and discuss topics they are learning about.

There’s no doubt about why Jayce Ramsey (2021) is celebrated as one of Memphis’ #1 US History teachers! Daily, she enters and executes! All of her students are highly engaged as she raises the bar of rigor in her lectures, handouts, and academic discourse at East High.

Taylin Mast (2021) works smart in engaging students in her history content lectures. She then provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to share how the topics might relate to their lives. In her class, you see a variety of students become inquisitive about how US History relates to them.

Terence Allen (2020) KNOWS WORLD GEOGRAPHY and his students are excited EVERY DAY to enter his class because they KNOW they are going to be engaged at East High.

Tiffany Brantley (2021) brings joy for learning complimented with high academic and cultural expectations for students at Treadwell Middle. Her students rise to every challenge without complaint, but with appreciation to her for ensuring that they understand.

Will Lattner (2020) is an English & Literature GENIUS! He fosters a classroom culture that pushes every student to think before they speak, write their responses, and collaborate with others for other ideas. It’s a joy to hear students speak, see them write, and witness them learn skills that will stick with them for a lifetime.