“Giving Time Back to Memphis Students”

Author: Emma Mansberg | MTR Volunteer | St. Mary’s Episcopal School c/o 2017

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This ideal is at the heart of both Generation Watches and Memphis Teacher Residency, and MTR is ecstatic to announce its partnership with this amazing and innovative new company. Founded by brothers, Matt and Jonathan Nason, Generation Watches has a mission to “give time back” to youth around the world by donating a portion of the company’s profits to support education. Throughout the months of August and September, Generation Watches will donate 50% of its profits to MTR.

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Video created by Choose901

Generation Watches is a business motivated solely by giving and the biblical ideal of charity. Each of them strongly believes that the more that Generation Watches is able to give, the more successful they are as an organization. Even more impressive though is this company’s commitment to making a difference in the education and the lives of children all over the world. They saw the problem and they sought to find a solution.

Matt and Jonathan were first confronted with the effects of a lack of education while visiting the small town of Buena Vista, Guatemala. During their time there, they watched the cycle of poverty move before their eyes. They watched children drop out of school to help their families tend to their farms and never to return to education, and they watched young girls be faced with pregnancy and an expectation to remain in the home as housewives. But, they also saw through the work of their friend’s organization, Educate Buena Vista, the profound impact education can have on this vicious cycle of poverty. For $850, one student can be funded to attend Educate BV’s high-tech middle school in Magdalena, Guatemala. Organizations like Educate BV are changing the statistic that only 1 out of every 10 students in Buena Vista finishes grade school. So, Matt and Jonathan sought to find a way to support organizations that have a commitment to education. They brainstormed, and they chose watches. But why watches?

People often say, “You can’t buy time”, but by purchasing a Generation watch, you are doing just that. The profits from these watches give time back to the young people of Guatemala. By giving a child the opportunity for higher education, he or she can get a higher paying job and break this cycle of poverty not only in Guatemala but now in Memphis. This partnership between MTR and Generation Watches allows us to give back time to the youth of our city. So, starting today, August 1, support our community and its journey toward better education, and while you’re at it, buy a watch!