Gates Foundation expresses continued support for Memphis


On March 22, 2011 The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released a statement expressing their continued support of Memphis, our teachers and our students.

While much has transpired over the past six months, one thing has not changed… every student in Memphis deserves a great teacher.

The Gates Foundation is committed to Memphis’ continued role as the center of urban education reform in America. And the MTR is committed to the task of recruiting, training and supporting outstanding teachers for each of our city’s 100,000 students.

Please see the Gates’ “Post Referendum Foundation Statement on Memphis” below:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to Memphis’s Teacher Effectiveness Initiative (TEI). We believe the community will continue to support the efforts begun and led by Memphis City Schools (MCS), its leadership, and its teachers to ensure that all students are taught by effective teachers every year in every subject in every school.

We commend MCS Superintendent Kriner Cash, Deputy Superintendent Irving Hamer, and their team, the Memphis Education Association, and all the teachers of Memphis for staying focused on the plan for improving teaching during a challenging time. Additionally, we appreciate that the MCS Board has reaffirmed their support of the effective teaching reforms, and as the issues of governance for a consolidated school system are defined, we are confident that the community will remain focused and united on keeping students and teachers first.

Effective teaching is a priority of both Memphis and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We intend to support the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative for as long as it remains a shared priority.