Monday Teacher Highlight: Emily Wakabi

Introducing… Mrs. Emily Wakabi

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MTR Graduation Year: 2014
# Years Teaching: 1
Content Area: 3rd grade
School: Hanley
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
College Alma Mater: Moody Bible Institute
College Year of Graduation: 2011


Favorite Teacher Moment

During a free writing time one my of 3rd graders wrote down a list of colleges she wants to apply for someday.  At 8 years old they are starting to get inspired about college!  She listed the University of Cape Town, Yale, Stanford, Rhodes College, University of Memphis and a few others.  Our scholars believe they are college for certain!


Favorite Memphis Experience

I enjoyed going to Mud Island to watch the fireworks this last year.  It was wonderful to see people from all different walks of life come together in the city and relax down by the river to celebrate the holiday.


What is best advice you received as a new teacher or what is your advice to someone considering urban education?

My worth does not come based off the “success” or “lack of success” of my lessons.  My worth is in Christ.  Secondly, pray daily and ask God that he would give you peace no matter how much chaos is around you.  Lastly, EVERY child is made in the image of God, just look in the face of a child and remember that when a child is having a very difficult moment.