Effective Education: A look into Mrs. Hawkins Leadership

     The world of education is a place of constant change. It takes an outstanding educator to adapt and maintain excellence through those changes. Mrs. Hawkins exhibits excellence in her classroom daily. Her excellence can be described in many words, but I have chosen a few to depict her teacher character to the best of my ability.

     In describing Mrs. Hawkins, the first word that comes to mind is attentive. In her planning, Mrs. Hawkins pays special attention to detail as she considers the modifications needed to benefit the varying learning needs of her students. Additionally, Mrs. Hawkins is warm-hearted. She considers the trials that her students face and does everything in her power to cater to their emotional well-being. Mrs. Hawkins is also knowledgeable as she has a plethora strategies to manage her classroom and lead her students to Lexile growth. Lastly, Mrs. Hawkins is available. She is available to her students and especially me as her mentee. Mrs. Hawkins wants to see me grow as well, she provides daily assistance and advice for my needs as a learning educator.

     Mrs. Hawkins has been a willing participant in the field of education for many years and she maintains her position with eloquence and Grace. She is organized and forward thinking. Mrs. Hawkins is an educator who knows that achieving growth means always keeping the end in mind. In the words of one of her current scholars, “She is dedicated to making sure her students have the best education that they possibly can.”

– Kristen Montague