Data Driven

The use of student assessment data and relevant background information to inform decisions related to planning and implementing instructional strategies. Highly effective teachers constantly monitor their progress and the progress of their students, “adjusting course in light of changing realities around them”. Teachers use a 24-hour assessment cycle to inform planning and instruction, guaranteeing instruction meets the needs of students daily.

High performing teachers and students are driven by data. 

In order to make the remaining four weeks until the state test as meaningful as possible, Ms. Simmons and her 8th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 class tracked every assignment they completed. Have they achieved mastery for this standard? Are their scores increasing? Is Ms. Simmons’ teaching effective? Only the data could tell the full story. Because Ms. Simmons’ knew exactly what each of her students knew, she could tailor her instruction and their remediation to guarantee success. When Ms. Simmons’ TCAP data results arrived, her data tracking paid off. Her students soared and reached their goals. They were driven by data, and it proved effective.