Christmas Readings & Prayers

We invite you to download MTR’s Christmas Readings & Prayers for encouragement during this holiday season and time away from school. These past two years have been extremely difficult for all–with particular challenges for teachers and students. The stress of Covid, on top of the normal responsibilities of teaching in high-need schools, has created a time of unusual turmoil for educators. And still, in this dark time, Jesus remains the light of the world, God with us, who offers hope and healing–particularly to those who recognize their need and turn to him for help. While there are many resources that aid a teacher, we believe those of the Christian faith are the deepest and longest-lasting. We hope the scriptures, readings, and prayers shared over these two weeks of our school break will provide some help. We are particularly hopeful that a community of people, MTR staff, teachers, and friends, will join together in this way asking God to do through us what we could not do without him, for nothing is impossible with God. We invite you to engage between December 20th and January 1st, alongside others in our MTR Family, as we read, reflect, and pray for God to help us demonstrate Christian love expressed in equal education.