Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 6

Parker Schramme

“I am so proud of you. It’s been such a blessing for me to watch you grow in your teaching practice this year. Your comprehensible input is out of this world! I have watched your passion for literacy and language develop throughout the year. It’s been amazing to see you balance your passion for literacy and your care for students so gracefully. My hope for you is that you always stay rooted in your kindness and curiosity. I’ve seen firsthand how these characteristics serve your students so well. I look forward to watching you inspire and empower your future students. I also expect to forever be exchanging children’s lit recommendations with you : )”
-Emily Taubken, Coach

Jess Sherman

“I have loved being your coach this year. It’s been such a joy to watch your creativity shine in second grade. You have an amazing ability to connect with students – it was clear from the beginning that they adore you. I was inspired by the care you consistently showed all of your students. I know that your innate creativity, joyful spirit, and critical thinking will serve you and your students well in the future. I can’t wait to see all of the great things you do in the classroom. I’ll always be cheering you on!”
-Emily Taubken, Coach

Tracie Sweetin

Tracie Sweetin | John Brown University | English

“My favorite thing about having Tracie in class is how passionate she gets about what her students need. She keeps her eye on the future and wants to do her very best to prepare her kiddos for it, in a deeply practical way. I have no doubt she will use her strong voice and powerful opinions for the good of her students, always. What awesome traits to model for her students!”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Delmonica Thomas

“Your strong voice blew us out of the water in Classroom Leadership. You have such a calm presence, and you are able to lead with such grace. I am elated that you chose to come to MTR. You are indeed a joy and I look forward to hearing about how great you are with your students in the coming years.”
-Yolunda Bass, Residency Director

Anna VanderWall

Anna VanderWall | Trinity Christian College | Elementary

“I will never forget the first time I watched your virtual lessons. I was amazed by watching you and nearly forgot about my formal observation. You truly brought virtual learning to life for your students in Q4. I am so proud of you!”
-Danielle Ringold, Coach

Emily Warner

“Watching you lead morning meetings during the second semester, and getting to sit in the circle with your students, is one of my favorite memories. You have cared for your students and connected with them in such meaningful ways all year, and then adding morning meetings helped your students begin to create those meaningful connections with each other as well. You have been an absolute joy to work with this entire year, and I will always cherish our time together. You are an amazing teacher, and I’m so proud of you.”
-Courtney Humphreys, Coach

Maddie Webb

Maddie Webb | University of Tennessee | Elementary

“Maddie, My favorite memories of you are your simple interactions with your students. You LOVE your students in an unconditional way. Your desire to see them learn and grow is admirable and it was a joy to see. I am proud of you and the teacher you are becoming.”
-Kaitlyn Stigler, Coach

Serene White

Serene White | Howard University | English

“Serene, My favorite memories about you and a quality I admire is your sense of humor, You are quick to laugh and find humor even in difficult or frustrating situations. You laugh with your students and at yourself. You are serious when you need to be, but see light and humor in lots of places. This is a great quality that will serve you well as a teacher.”
-Keena Eyster-Terrill, Coach