Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 5

Kelly Paredes

“Kelly, You are kind, gentle, humble, and reflective. You take feedback to heart and you desire to learn and grow for your students. One of my favorite memories from this year was the day that you were struggling with your student and I told you to step away from him and give him space. Your reaction to him when he raised his hand and asked a question was PRICELESS and you believed at that moment that he could think and learn on his own. I truly appreciate how prepared and invested you were this year for your students.”
-Kaitlyn Stigler, Coach

Spencer Pennington

“Spencer is not afraid to ask questions and truly seeks understanding, which are traits that I appreciated in our courses together tremendously. To grow as a teacher, you need students like this! He helped push thinking among his peers and brought humor to class, which were both helpful and enjoyable.”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Michael Peterson II

Michael Peterson II | Jackson State University | Elementary

“COACH! It has been a J.O.Y. learning alongside you this year. I’m always blown away by how silly you are then how serious you get in front of students. You know how to switch it up and that’s one of the best teaching skills. You were a favorite around MTR during your time interning so I wasn’t surprised when you became a favorite to me, Mrs. Jones, and Vision Prep. Remember, you’re coaching me as much as I’m coaching you!”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Amy Phillips

“What I will always hold dear about Amy is the way that she processes ideas and doesn’t need to prove what she knows, but when it is needed, she gently shares her understanding in ways that increase the learning of everyone present. She is a thoughtful, reflective, wise learner.”
-Kat McRitchie, Coach

Rylie Pittard

Rylie Pittard | Ohio Wesleyan University | English

“Rylie is such a bright light. Personally, it was a joy to have Rylie in class because we are passionate about so many of the same things in ELA. Her classroom is going to be such a warm, joyful place where reading and literacy are ever-present and valued.”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Delaney Purdham

“Delaney, my favorite memory has to go ALL THE WAY BACK to Selection Weekend. Right away, I felt a deep connection with you and for you. We have so much in common and I felt like the luckiest coach to have you on my load this year. You are a ray of sunshine who speaks wisdom and TRUTH over yourself and others. Your positive outlook and asset-based mindset for your students radiates. You made a killer kindergarten teacher this year and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your new students. They are so lucky to have you.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Garrett Reed

Garrett Reed | Arkansas State University | Elementary

“Garrett, your creativity, curiosity, and energy always made class better. When you raised your hand, I always knew you would push our conversation forward in ways I had never thought. You bring life and happiness to any room you occupy. I also just really like your socks and bow ties.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Professor

Kiara Richardson

Kiara Richardson | University of Arkansas | Elementary

“Richie Rich from Da South! I will never forget that name posted on your nametag in P&A class on the first day. What can I say?! I’ve enjoyed our heart to hearts this year most. You push me to be more thoughtful and I am honored that you let me into your brain and heart this year. I will miss the fun moments you created in your math class and seeing your innate instinct to connect with kids to strengthen your instruction.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Jalisa Satchell

“Where do I begin?! I always knew coming to your classroom would give me a smile. You are fun, quirky, and make me laugh. I love greeting you with my hand under my chin- I consider it our “secret handshake.” I’ve learned so much from the ways you support student collaboration and push student thinking. You are the best social math-nerd ever.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach