Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 4

Kaelyn Kraft

“Kaelyn, I have loved watching you transition your sweet, gentle spirit into a loving, yet firm presence in the classroom. Your students will benefit so much from your balance of love and strength!”
-Chaunta McCollins, Coach

Will Lattner

“Will has such magnificent quiet wisdom and power. I got to experience firsthand how Will transfers what he learns in class to his classroom and it was AWESOME. I really appreciated his steady presence in our classes.”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Morgan Millon

“I have said this many times to you but I left selection weekend inspired by your commitment to teaching. Despite previous circumstances, you showed up to interview, were accepted, and handled this residency year with such poise. I am so excited to see you in your own classroom next year.”
-Blake Barber, Coach

Eboni Moore

“Eboni, I have so many wonderful memories of you this year! Besides you just being a total star in the classroom with your students, I have loved seeing you love them so well. You love them so much, you even wore the giant crayon costume on Halloween that was super bulky and hot to wear… but you did it to bring your students joy, which is something you do every day because your own joy and positive energy is contagious. I am really proud of you and your hard work this year.”
-Calli Rollins, Coach

Sabrina Morrison

Sabrina Morrison | Hope College | Elementary

“Sabrina, it has been a joy watching you grow, navigate, and conquer in your residency year. You have a wonderful ability to reflect and internalize and that is going to contribute to so much of your success as a teacher!”
-Chaunta McCollins, Coach

Katrina Morton

“I remember the day you showed up to Science Content Methods in a lab coat and a DNA dress the next class. You brought such a passion for science to our class, not only in your attire but also in your genuine curiosity, and to your classroom with your students. You consistently pushed them towards “hands-on, minds-on” learning.

My ultimate favorite memory was seeing you dominate your resident defense. I am so proud of your beliefs about teaching science, your ability to articulate research to support it, and your deep passion for students to learn science in a way that sets them up to become the best version of themselves as citizens in today’s world.”
-Cullen Johnson, Coach

Ann Bennett Nash

“I love sharing children’s literature reviews with Ann Bennett! It was such a joy to watch Ann Bennett’s passion for supporting our youngest readers come alive in reading class. She is so creative and thoughtful as she seeks to make quality literature accessible for her students. I know that she will continue to pass on her genuine love of reading to her future students!”
-Emily Taubken, Coach

Anna Noa

Anna Noa | Columbia College-Chicago | English

“The thing that has always stood out to me the most about AJ is how hard she is willing to work for her own learning, growth, and for her students. She is always all-in. AJ is incredibly bright, thoughtful, and talented and brings these strengths to her work and her classroom. There is absolutely no doubt she will be a fantastic ELA teacher.”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Emma Oliver

“Emma is the student you can always count on to be prepared, fully present, and engaged in class. She was always willing to share insightful thoughts with the class and move our thinking forward. The picture of a professional grad student!”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor