Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 3

Erin Gately-Sweatt

“Erin has done an amazing job as a resident. She arrived full of knowledge on how to lead a classroom and has still continued to learn more from her mentor. The kindness and love that she shows to her kindergartners are unmatched. I have had a fantastic year serving as her coach.”
-Erica Chearis, Coach

Madeleine Gibson

“Madeleine is always thinking about and questioning how the information applies to her specific students. She desires so deeply to know her students, meet them where they are, and set them up for success- specifically what success means to them. I have so appreciated her joy, curiosity, and humor in courses!”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Nathan Glyder

Nathan Glyder | Belmont University | Elementary

“Favorite Moment?! Do I have to choose just ONE?! Nathan, your flexibility and ownership this year have blown me away. My favorite moment was watching you own, in confidence, your new placement like a BOSS. You lead students with your whole heart and your whole brain. You are THE Mister Rogers of MTR. If I could choose a first grade teacher for my future children, it would be YOU.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Olivia Habacivch

“Olivia is next-level organized. She keeps track of what is coming up, and plans accordingly to be her best, often helping others along the way. But if you’re not paying attention, you might miss that her underlying motivation is twofold – to glorify God and to serve students. And she does both well.”
-Kat McRitchie, Coach

Tamia Hamer

Tamia Hamer | Union University | Elementary

“I am so glad to have experienced your classroom presence. You are confident, hold students to high expectations, and are eager to get better at this wonderful profession. Thanks for a great semester of coaching and teaching.”
-Blake Barber, Coach

Katie Imperial

“When I think about the ideal resident in terms of willingness to put feedback into practice and try new things- you are at the top of the list. As a result, you have blossomed into a phenomenal teacher. It has been such a joy to coach you this year!”
-Cullen Johnson, Coach

Alex Isgrigg

Alex Isgrigg | Purdue University | Elementary

“I mean really, how do you do it?! All-star classroom leader, incredible planner, humble learner, and kind soul! Working alongside you has been a JOY and I am proud of the teacher you’ve become.”
-Kaitlyn Stigler, Coach

Cory Jones

Cory Jones | University of Memphis | Elementary

“Cory, if I could name a single resident who has transformed my coaching, it would be you. It was a complete HONOR to grow and learn alongside you this year. I’ve never seen a resident maintain a sense of purpose and strength through adversity as I saw in you this year. You remained tied and true to God and a gospel-centered perspective through it all. I like to think that God knew what he was doing when he paired us up this year! He knows our needs better than we do. THANK YOU.”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Rebekah Kennedy

“Rebekah’s seamless transition from one internship site to a new one has been my favorite memory of her this year. She moved from one place to another and fully embraced her responsibilities without any complaint or negativity! She has been an absolute joy to interact with as her coach from the start of her residency to the present.”
-Erica Chearis, Coach