Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 2

Austin Cantrell

“Getting to watch Austin read “The Butter Battle Book” to his high schoolers was such a joyful experience! He used this book as a springboard to engaging discussion and debate about the Cold War and was really willing to take a risk and embrace this strategy. Very proud of Austin for buying in, diving in, and taking risks.”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Zach Clouse

Zach Clouse | Southeast Missouri State University | Elementary

“Zach, you have such a loving and grateful heart for people, which is a true and unique gift. I have tons of memories of you making your students laugh through lessons with your charm and wit. They clearly love being with you! I also remember when I called you to tell you I was going to be swapping you to another classroom for two weeks to learn a different content and grade level. A few minutes after that phone call, I got a call back from you thanking me for pushing you to do something out of your comfort zone to help you develop into a great teacher. It was the first time a resident had ever thanked me setting up a swap for them. I will always remember and appreciate how you make people (not just your students) feel appreciated. You have worked hard this year and I am so proud of your growth as a teacher and person.”
-Calli Rollins, Coach

Samuel Cook

“In class, Sam was a great student- always pushing me to clarify content in order for him to be able to apply it to his own classroom. Sam also is a phenomenal friend to his co-residents–he manages to be intentional with so many despite how busy he is.

It has also been so encouraging to see Sam embrace others at church as well. He is quick to jump in and serve, no matter what the need is. My daughters scream, “Mr. Sammy”, whenever they see a picture of him. While they do remember many people’s names, they remember Sam’s because of intentionally to care for them.”
-Cullen Johnson, Coach

Liam Coyle

Liam Coyle | Rhodes College | English

“My favorite memories of Liam are watching him talk with students in his class. He always gives his undivided attention to anyone he is speaking to. In class, his students know what they say is important to him and he is going to take the time to fully listen. It’s been amazing to watch those relationships grow through the year. There is also that one time I came to observe and he was dressed up as a dinosaur…that’s pretty memorable too. -Keena Eyster-Terrill, Coach

Kayla Crenshaw

Kayla Crenshaw | Grambling State University | Elementary

“I really admired how you embraced and handled the day to day in your transition to Berclair. You took 100% of your teaching self to Berclair and blessed a lot of kindergartners. Thanks for persisting.”
-Blake Barber, Coach

Joanna Cumbie

Joanna Cumbie | Union University | Elementary

“The most impactful coaching moment was our first debrief at Brewster. You were not only reflective, but candid and honest, and I felt like I was able to instantly understand your perspective. You have grown in so many ways during this time of virtual teaching and I have been most impressed with your ability to connect with students and share parts of who you are using this virtual platform. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you and your students next year.”
-Kenyari Brooks, Coach

Ashley Dedeaux

Ashley Dedeaux | Mississippi College | Elementary

“Ashley has been incredibly sweet and kind as a resident. She has built relationships, not only with her students but with the entire 2nd grade team! Her intentionality and eagerness to serve her students well have shown up in her work all year.”
-Erica Chearis, Coach

Grace Durham

“I admire how Grace is humble, kind, and determined to grow. She measures success not just by her students’ ability to be proficient on tests, but by whether students have attained the skills necessary to be successful academically and socially, as well as develop a clear understanding of how to transfer knowledge and remain lifelong learners. From the time her students entered her 2nd grade class, Grace not only made them feel welcomed, she also quickly recognized the potential of each student and challenged them to go beyond what was required.
-Jennie Gray, Coach

Alex Fancher

Alex Fancher | University of Memphis | ESL

“Alex! I am so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished this year. I have always been struck by both your commitment and compassion. I’ve watched you care for students so well this year. I appreciate your willingness to stay curious, think critically, and try new things. My favorite thing to watch is how you connect with students and how you work to make sure that students feel both safe and challenged in your classroom. You maintain this delicate balance so well. I am so lucky to have been your coach this year. It’s been a joy and an honor! I look forward to watching you do great things in your classroom next year. I hope we will always stay nerdy about reading together!”
-Emily Taubken, Coach