Celebrating the Class of 2020 | Part 1

Terence Allen

Terence Allen | Arkansas State University | History

“Terence is so professional and kind. He was a joy to have in classes for these reasons, but probably the standout quality for me is how insightful Terence is. I can distinctly remember several times where Terence’s comments or questions created beautiful, natural transitions in class content. Through his desire to fully understand things, he created these authentic moments of learning for himself and his peers. Terence is the kind of student you wish could just always be in your class!”
-Rachel Moquin, Professor

Emma Ayers

“The most impactful memory I have is our initial meeting at Brewster. I learned so much about you and your expectations for your kids. It was refreshing to hear someone reflect on their teaching and be completely honest with themselves. Despite only knowing you for a couple of months, I have seen growth in not only lesson planning and execution but also in classroom leadership. I am excited for what the future holds for you and your next group of students.”
-Kenyari Brooks, Coach

Jada Bates

Jada Bates | University of Mississippi | Elementary

“The memories that stand out the most were our debriefs, both in-person and online! You have been so receptive to coaching and curious about ways to improve. I have been impressed with how you have embraced online learning and have created lessons that are accessible, fun, and engaging. I am so excited for you to take what you’ve learned this year and apply it to your new classroom at Cornerstone.”
-Kenyari Brooks, Coach

Allyson Brennan

Allyson Brennan | University of Memphis | Elementary

“I had the opportunity to get to know you before you were an MTR resident. My daughter always talked so positively about her student teacher (you) and when I found out you were coming to MTR, I just knew I had to coach you. Over the last year, I have learned what all the hype was about. Your students truly love and adore you.”
-Danielle Ringold, Coach

Allie Brown

“Allie! From the beginning of the year, I’ve felt connected to you. I never knew that I would have an opportunity to learn alongside you so closely at the end. To see you move through the year with a continued purpose and strength through adversity was such a gift. You got that grit, girl. I most appreciate our video chats, phone calls, and texts. Thank you for always being open with me and for making me laugh when I needed it most!”
-Amanda Montgomery, Coach

Anna Brown

“Anna, how can I pick just one memory of you!? Holding meetings with you this year has not only been productive, but I feel like every single one of them we have ended up laughing and talking about life at some point! You take feedback like a champion, and because of that and your hard-working nature, you have really honed your teaching skills this year. You have a joy and zest for life that is unmatched. I feel privileged to have been able to coach you this year. I am so proud of you!”
-Calli Rollins, Coach