Back to School (for the first time) at Cornerstone Prep Denver

Cornerstone Prep – Denver Campus opened doors for their first students on Monday, August 10. Cornerstone Prep, an MTR partner school since Cornerstone Prep – Lester Campus opened in 2012, expanded from the Binghampton neighborhood to Denver Elementary School in the Frayser neighborhood for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Ten MTR grads were hired for Denver’s inaugural year. Read about week one below.
11694097_852588649859_8843606166575877662_n “I have been humbled and inspired by my visits to Denver during the first week of school. As you walk through the halls and talk to faculty and staff, unity is apparent. There is a united front that believes whole heartedly in each and every child at that school. I can’t help but count my blessings each time I go. I am thankful to be a part of it!”
-Danielle Ringold | MTR Instructional Coach
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“Cornerstone Prep Denver has been an amazing place to work so far! The care for teachers, students, and parents is unreal. I am excited to continue to grow with my fellow teachers and staff members this year and to see life and confidence in my students. We are teaching and training future community leaders and activists!”
-Sierra Tellis | Fifth Grade Teacher
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“I am so excited to be at Denver teaching kindergarten! There’s nothing better than having a kiddo tell his dad on his first day, ‘I LOVE school!’ It has been a great gift to teach with so many MTR grads. All of us first years are able to support and lean on each other, and those in their second year have been extra sweet encouragers and helped me think through how to better support and teach my students. Tough days are a thousand days better when MTR family are there to help you with your students, encourage you, and remind you of the Gospel.”
-Anna Hollidge | Kindergarten Teacher
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“It is such a wonderful opportunity to serve my fellow MTR graduates in the area of special education. I find myself in a unique position to assist in the development of great strategies to reach the students labeled as ‘different’. It has been mind-blowing to be in their classrooms and see them use their gifts in amazings ways. I see a great difference when in an MTR graduate’s classroom.”
-Domenic Andolina | Special Education Teacher
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“I have absolutely loved working at Cornerstone Prep Denver. The leadership at CPD does an excellent job of leading the school well and supporting the teachers. I am a first year teacher and anticipated this year being difficult and busy. Both of those have/will be true, however, I’ve been with my kindergarten students for less than a week and I already love them! I come home laughing on a regular basis because of the crazy things they say or do. I am encouraged by my students, my co-teacher, the staff at CPD, and my MTR Coach. I know this is going to be an amazing year!”
-Brooke DeBoard | Kindergarten Teacher
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“I am delighted to be under the leadership of Diana Bey. And may I say, this week has been a sweet struggle. There have been barriers, behaviors, and there’s always a way to doubt yourself. But in those moments Diana is always there to assist and affirm. I love my students and my team!”
-Starr Garrett | First Grade Teacher