A Call to Teach

Author: David Montague, MTR Executive Director

MTR Applications are open and we are asking people all over the country to consider teaching in Memphis as a response to the Gospel. Read on for a brief perspective on teaching and the Christian faith. 

Christian life is, in part, coming to God humbly in His word to find out what it is that he loves and what it is that he hates. Then we take on his loves and hates as our very own. And when we do, we find that – among many other things – God hates injustice and hates when people treat others unfairly. God loves goodness and fairness, and he loves when his people speak for the voiceless and defend the rights of the vulnerable (see Proverbs 31).

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In fact, the measure of a society, of a city, or of a college campus is not whether the privileged are thriving but whether the vulnerable are thriving.  And it is a uniquely Christian idea that we serve the city (and campus) in every positive aspect… beginning with the most vulnerable.

Today, many of the most vulnerable in our nation are found in the poorest neighborhoods in the largest cities attending inadequate public schools.

This is exactly where God would have his people go to display to the world his character and his love.

My point: consider teaching as a valid response to the gospel.

View More: http://gretchenshawphotography.pass.us/2015mtrgrads

Visit the MTR website to learn more about the application process.